It’s ok to expect more than reasonable


With our philosophy we wish to show you why we believe development is essential for any organization – even the strongest – and also show you how we work with organizational development in general, and with the individual organization in particular.

Why development?

What do the best companies do differently than other companies? Nothing! They do exactly the same as other companies – they just do it with more intensity. They live by the values more intensively, they aim at reaching their vision more intensively, they train intensively, develop and aim higher.

Our name derives from our wish to intensify efforts and performance. We motivate managers and employees in development processes to commit with a high degree of intensity.

We define intensity as the degree of energy, strength, dedication and motivation you apply to what you do.

Intensity transmits and creates:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Increased performance
  • Drive

Therefore, the degree of intensity is decisive for the result. Intensity can be measured – and developed. This is what we believe in. This is what we do and the story behind our name.

How we work

The focal point of our work is organizational development carried out through our 5 main competences: Strategy, Leadership Development, Company Culture, Sales Development and Surveys. You can read more about each area under Competences.

We create sustainable organizational development – development where new knowledge leads to world class results. Our approach is straightforward – we make complicated concepts so simple that they can be implemented and used in daily work life and live in the hearts of every single manager and employee. Our learning style builds on joy and intensity – the joy of learning, developing and last but not least joy of performance.

We specialize in following our customers’ development process through to completion. Therefore, we cooperate with our customers from formulating the goals, analyzing the starting point and all the way to noting the anticipated results. We will challenge our customers on where they want to go, where they are today and keep a strong focus on what it takes to achieve the results. In the process we give new knowledge, we ensure a positive learning environment with joy, motivation and desire to develop, and thereby create the foundation for anchoring the change of behavior in the entire organization.

In other words, we wish to make sure that our customers achieve their desired results!