It’s ok to expect more than reasonable

Mission + Vision + Values

As client, supplier or employee you will experience a strong culture in Intenz. We have a clear purpose with our company and an ambitious goal that we strive to achieve every day. This is formulated in our mission and vision. Together with a strong set of values this defines our culture.


We make people and organizations grow – and create passion, performance and results.


Intenz is top of mind when companies look for world class passion, performance and results.


Intenz is a value-based company. Our values ensure that we are a successful and attractive company – for our clients, our partners and ourselves!

Our 5 values guide our behavior.  They must, at any time, permeate everything we do. It must be visible for everyone that we comply with our values.


We put concepts into perspective. We have a holistic approach to both private and work life. We help our clients to think in perspectives and expect that our partners set their concepts and products into perspective for us.

Key words: Understanding  Unity – Coherence


Our performance is world class – in regard to people as well as business. We constantly strive for High Performance behavior, and we assist our clients in becoming High Performers. We expect that our partners strive for High Performance behavior too.

Key words: Effort  Efficiency  Results


We are professionals and the best in our field and business. We constantly seek to improve our work methods and our competences, and we help our clients become more professional. We also expect our partners to think and act professionally through all stages of our cooperation.

Key words: Quality  Reliability  Service


We are passionate about what we do. We live for what we do, so to speak – so intensely that our passion transmits to our clients. We are committed wholeheartedly to what we do. We expect the same kind of passion from our suppliers and partners.

Keywords: Heart – Joy – Dedication  


We are pioneers – always cutting edge. We possess the pioneer spirit and are unconquerable. Constantly, we strive for innovation and cutting edge approaches. We wish to influence our clients to be pioneers and demand that our partners show a pioneer spirit.

Key words: Innovation – Courage – Opportunities