Vision and value based management

Our guiding principle for developing organizations and managers is value based. We believe that leadership is about making mission, vision and values live in each employee so that they, on a daily basis, experience value and purpose in the job they do.

The prerequisite for a manager to execute value based management is to prioritize the time right. First then, it will be possible to decide how to perform in the leader role.

In short, Value Based Management is about ensuring that mission, vision and values make sense for the employees so they will see the purpose of the job they do. The desire of being a part of a success is a strong driving force for anybody. This is where we stretch a little further, make an extra effort and give everything we have. The foundation for these strong feelings are the individuals’ thoughts and attitudes.

When you as a manager, use the values as a guideline for your leadership, for the arguments you use and the inspiration you find and share, you will be able to ensure strong thoughts and attitudes – and thereby strong feelings in the organization. The benefit is obvious – increased performance and outstanding results.

If the company values live in the mind, heart and actions of the employees, we actually have a possibility of profiting from having values.

In our work with leadership training in mission, vision and values we therefore ensure:

  • Profound understanding of the purpose of creating a strong culture
  • Tools to create and maintain a strong value based culture


We share… for free

To create inspiring leaders who exceed own expectations and who strengthen others to exceed their expectations to what is possible is an eternal passion for us in Intenz. Therefore, we wish to inspire CEO’s, HR-managers and managers in general on how they can achieve this – and we share our know-how and tools for free.