Passion, Performance and Results

– with just the right balance

Royal Unibrew

Royal Unibrew produces, markets, sells and distributes quality beverages focusing on branded products within beer, malt and soft drinks, including soda water, mineral water and fruit juices. We operate as a leading regional player in a number of markets in Western and Eastern Europe and in the international malt drinks markets.

As a part of the HR strategy in Royal Unibrew we conducted 3 years in a row a Performance Culture Survey in the entire organization worldwide. Each survey was followed up by a workshop for the managers where the results were studied carefully and a prioritization of the activities for the following year was discussed and planned.

The survey also formed the foundation for the HR-department in their dialogues with managers throughout the organization and as input to planning their manager development.


Holm og Halby/Addtech

Addtech is a technically innovative partner that develops and sells products, subsystems and solutions for industrial companies and service enterprises in northern Europe. The Group consists of more than 100 subsidiaries with around 2,000 employees.

Addtech Sales School has been carried out in Sweden for many years for sales reps from the different companies, and this year the Sales School is also launched in Denmark. The purpose of the training is to improve the skills among the sales reps – especially within the general sales skills such as sales efficiency, building up arguments, question techniques, handling objections etc.

Rockwool Group

Rockwool Groups CEO Eelco van Heel launched in 2003 the “People & Brands” strategy in the entire Rockwool organization. People & Brands contains the mission of the Group, describes the business surroundings of which we want to take part, stipulates the Rockwool Group’s strategic direction and describes what the company expects from its employees and what the organization can expect from the Group.

In order to ensure that all parts of the large organization was on track, Rockwool carried out in cooperation with Intenz their “Group Employee Perception Survey” in order to track and reveal to which extent the strategy was implemented in the different countries and companies.

In 2004, the GEPS was carried out on app. 700 managers, in 2005 on 2.500 employees, in 2006 on 2.500 and in 2007 on 2.700 employees.

Each year, the survey was subject to a thorough examination together with the top-management and managing directors in the Rockwool Group, and individual initiatives in each company. This Rockwool newsletter tells more about the 2005 survey.



Strålfors is in the middle of a large transformation from a typical printing company dealing with print of envelopes and letters to a modern communication company helping their customers communicate in printing and on digital platforms. Intenz has facilitated a culture development process in Strålfors on all levels and divisions in the organization to strengthen the common understanding of WHY are we here? WHERE do we want to go? HOW do we act together to obtain success?

The focus areas have been to facilitate the strategy process with Lego Serious Play, leadership development, employee development, personal sparring with managers and employees and sales training.


CPH Airport

CPH Finance has 2 major goals: 
On one hand their support to the customers in the airport with economic, legal and purchase advice etc. and on the other hand they act as driver in various processes where the airport expresses demands to their customers.

Intenz has helped CPH Finance creating a common understanding of the culture needed to become the preferred business partner – this includes training of the entire organization in understanding and handling people, psychology and communication.

Focus areas: Company culture, creating relations, understanding and using knowledge of personality types (DISC), positive psychology, training of strengths, communication, personal planning and prioritizing and teambuilding.