Passion, Performance and Results

– with just the right balance


Our objective is well-defined. We wish to inspire individuals to exceed own expectations. The manners in which we do it are described below.

In Intenz we work with organizational development on the basis of our 4 core competences: Company CultureManagementSales and Surveys. Below you will find an overview of our competences, and we invite you to continue to the areas that you wish to read more about.


People and culture is the foundation of all we do

We observe and document the direct link between bottom line and joy in the organization. Read more about our view on culture and how we create a strong company culture in an organization. In Intenz we have several strong resources in this area that are ready to answer questions and elaborate on our thoughts and concepts.


Please find here inspiration and information about our concepts within management development – and read more about how we work with management and leadership development. You will also meet our dedicated team within management development.


Creating world class sales and performance is a strong driver for us, especially since the engine of most companies is the sales division.

Selling is all about raising expectations – and service is all about meeting these expectations. Here you will find more information about how we develop the skills of the sales persons in the company and how we work with the sales- and customer culture in the organization. 

If you wish to hear more about our approach on sales development, please contact out team within sales.


A well planned process for the survey and the development initiatives following the survey is decisive for success.

When working with surveys in Intenz we always customize the needs of the individual company. Here you will find more information about our approach on surveys as well as a description of the different kinds of surveys we work with. Find also contact info for our strong competence team within surveys.