Managing yourself is a way to creating more happiness, joy and balance in your life. Mastering self-management can be the way for employees as well as managers to create world-class performance and happiness.

Self-management is more than just a tool. Self-management is a means to creating strong and balanced people in the organization and thereby one of the ways to create strong results. Goals, strategies and bottom line have great – rightly – focus in many organizations. If you combine this focus with a focus on creating balance in the daily life and thereby a high level of well-being and happiness, you will considerably increase the probability of reaching the goals. There is no doubt – performance, happiness and bottom line are strongly coherent. A feeling of passion, happiness, pride and of making a difference will automatically influence your life, family and work.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Concrete tools easy to implement

When it comes to development and training, we believe that it is essential to have simple tools to use in the daily life. When working with self-management in organizations we address several key areas that support the individual person:

  • Being present in the now
  • Thoughts, feelings and actions – find the best example of yourself
  • Green or black mindset – positive ways, happiness and energy
  • Understanding happiness
  • Building a cathedral – how do you think about what you create?
  • Prioritizing time, energy and actions
  • Wheel of life – imaginations and reality, wishes and goals
  • Training of personal strengths
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Personal action plan

With the different tools we work with strengthening the ability of managers and employees to influence own happiness and joy – and thereby creating better results. What is foregone and what do we need to work on? What is the individual starting point? We wish to develop a very essential ability in all organizations and all people – the ability to manage own thoughts and finding great joy and happiness.