Sales Management

With a strong sales and customer culture in the entire organization you have the right foundation to create results that lead to an improved bottom line. But without a sales organization in front finding new customers and selling more to existing customers it is very difficult to create the results. And it takes good sales management. Read more about how we train and develop sales managers to take their organization to new levels.

Three areas that influence the results

The most important task for a sales manager is to manage through results. What results should we make? Do our key indicators support what the company aims at?

The sales manager must therefore focus on the three areas that create the results:

  • Efforts: For each sales person to reach the defined result, the sales manager must coach him on the amount of efforts and how they are prioritized. It is important to follow-up on the efforts and celebrate the successes. You cannot control what results you make, but you can control the amount of efforts made. The sales manager must also help the sales person prioritizing the efforts. This is an important part of the sales strategy. If the results are not achieved you can consider whether the desired result is realistic or if we have the right amount of efforts.
  • Will: Another important task for the sales manager is to ensure that the salespeople always have the necessary will – i.e. the right feelings and attitudes – towards their job. The sales manager must know each sales persons personality type and motivational factors to be able to promote the will and dedication in each of them. This could be done by e.g. sharing positive stories, communicate “why” on the objectives, celebrate successes etc. This will affect the level of efforts and the desire to do even more.
  • Efficiency: The third factor for the sales manager is the efficiency in the sale. Do the salespeople have the necessary competences to reach the desired results? How good are they at the different aspects of the sales process? It is the sales managers responsibility to uncover their competences, evaluate the needed level and plan the necessary training for each individual sales person. An important element when developing the salespeople is joint customer visits where the sales manager can observe the salespeople and determine the efficiency in the meeting. At what level is the sales person on the three areas efforts, will and efficiency?

The tuning fork gives the sales manager an excellent overview of where focus and energy must go to obtain the best results. Below you will find an introduction to the 9 areas we believe a sales manager must master to create a world class sales force.

1. The sales managers’ responsibility – sales platform and segmentation of customers

As sales manager it is crucial to maintain the overview to manage the sale and understand the sales platform. Which segments do you divide your customers into and why is that important in order to manage sales efforts and results? Do you allocate the right resources to the right customers? How healthy is your sales platform? Do you have enough in your pipeline? Is development managed efficiently? Are the revenue on customers and products sufficient?

Through training, dialogue and development we ensure that the sales managers are able to work efficiently with:

  • Sales platform
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer segmentation in ABC – 123
  • Resource demands for upselling and sale to new customers
  • Cross selling

High performance results demand high performance goals. Therefore, a sharp focus on which levers to pull to improve the sales results is necessary.

With many years’ experience, an eternal desire to challenge the existing and a profound knowledge of a sales managers challenges we help our customers set ambitious goals for results, efforts, will and efficiency. But it is hard work that you have to be prepared for as sales manager.

2. From initial effort to sale – pipeline and efforts

As sales manager it is crucial to exploit the sales time efficiently. You must be very precise on what the way to a sale looks like. What efforts does it require? What resources does it require? What hit rates do you have and what will an improvement mean?

The sales manager must focus on:

  • How much time do the salespeople spend on the most important?
  • How many efforts are done on which leads and which products?
  • What tasks belong to the salespeople and which can be removed?
  • How much face-time do the salespeople have with the customers?

Therefore we focus on strengthening:

  • The sales cycle
  • Hitrates
  • Correlation between efforts and results
  • Diligence, amount and time – goals and results
  • Sales efforts – goals and results
  • Profitability and exploitation of time
  • Sales time – face-time with the customers

3. A strong sales culture – create passion, happiness, success and dedication

The sales manager is of utmost importance when it comes to ensuring passion, happiness and success in the organization. In Intenz we ensure understanding of what controls the salespeople’s actions and thereby results. How do you create energy, passion, happiness, success and a feeling of making a difference? Our thoughts determine our feelings – our feelings determine our actions – and our actions create our results.

  • Therefore we work with the following areas:
  • What is culture
  • How do you create a genuine Sense of Urgency?
  • What is the correlation between thoughts and results?
  • How do we define which strong feelings influence our sales efforts most in a positive direction?

4. Efficiency in the sale

We supply tools to develop the salespeople’s’ knowledge, skills and efficiency. What skills must a sales person have to be successful? How do you elaborate development plans? How do you train the sales person’s skills?

Especially training, training, training is decisive for success.

The efficiency and skills are improved when we address:

  • The salespeople’s skills
  • Elaboration of a database of sales arguments, treatment of objections and selling points
  • Development plans
  • Skills training
  • Joint customer visits

5. Sales managers tasks – solve the puzzle

Consider for one moment how you spend your time as sales manager. What have you been doing today – and how much has had to do with the important role as sales manager?

Do you prioritize your time correctly? A tough question to answer, for what is efficient management time for you? And can you exploit your time even better? How much attention do you pay to your own motivation as you go along?

In Intenz we challenge ideas about:

  • Management tasks – and other important tasks
  • Prioritizing and planning your time on the most important
  • Delegation of responsibility and tasks

6. Find the right talents

A prerequisite for good results is that the salespeople have the right talents. We therefore need to have a very clear picture of what types of personality are needed in the different types of sales activities. And equally important how you match the different types with different types of customers.

Therefore, it demands competences within:

    • Psychology and motivation
    • Types of personality (DISC)

>Sales profiles

Take a look at your salespeople and consider, what they are made of. On what basis have they been selected? As sales manager your finest job is to make them good – uncover and exploit their strengths.

7. High Performance Teams – HPT

When developing high performance teams we supply you with tools and opportunities to become an even stronger sales team. And as we normally say – you do not have to be sick to get better – you can always aim higher for better results.

A strong team is not just a group of individuals put together – that would be just a group. To become a high performance team takes something special, and that is a process where Intenz can assist you. Are you a group of sales persons or a sales team? What characterizes a High Performance Team? How do we create a High Performance Team in the sales force? And last but not least, what do we obtain by creating a High Performance Team?

8. Strength bases sales management

Use and train your strengths and you will become better. Train your weaknesses and you will become worse. Why is this the case and how do you exploit your strengths better?

We give you a way to work with your salespeople’s strengths so performance and happiness improves and reach new heights. When focusing on the top strengths of each person we have an excellent opportunity to create a strong and constructive dialogue that brings us directly towards developing and unleashing the person’s potential.

Through strength based management we establish awareness of:

  • The 24 international cross cultural strengths
  • How to find your own strengths and use them actively as sales manager
  • How to work with your salespeople’s strengths – why and how

9. Measuring your sales culture

When working with developing sales organizations we have experienced that the sales results are strongly affected by each sales person’s drive and attitude towards sale, the company’s brand and products.

With a Sales Culture Survey you will get a unique insight into the sales culture and thereby the most accurate starting point for a development process. What culture will you need to obtain the desired results? How should the salespeople think, feel and act in relation to doing the right efforts at the right quality and efficiency?

It all comes down to starting the right place – and with the Sales Culture Survey we will uncover exactly where that is.