Sales Culture Survey

Our experience from working with sales organizations is that any sales result is strongly influenced by the sales persons drive and attitude towards selling, the company’s brand and products. The Sales Culture Survey gives a unique picture of the sales culture and thereby the most exact starting point for a development process.

What culture is necessary to achieve in order to the desired sales results? How should the sales persons think, feel and act in order to make the right efforts with the right quality and efficiency?

Through many years’ work with development of sales organizations we know that the difference in sales results not only comes from using the right sales tools but equally from the sales persons drive and attitude to sales, the company’s brand and products.

The fundamental idea in Intenz sales development is that in order to differentiate significantly from the competitors it is not about price and training but about the sales persons behavior and influence.

Starting point and development

We believe that the best development processes start with a good strong base. This base is created through the sales culture survey.

The survey is adapted to the individual sales organization and uncovers the sales persons attitude and behavior within the following areas:

  • The company’s brand formulated in mission, vision, image and vales
  • The Business Drivers formulated in result focus, sales skills, pride of products, communication and sales efficiency
  • The People Drivers formulated in team spirit, development, sales management and individual motivation

The survey gives the sales management a clear picture of the sales culture and thereby a crucial starting point for development of the sales culture.

Together with the goals for results, efforts and culture or behavior, the sales management gets an opportunity to observe and influence the factors that have the greatest impact on the results.

So whether you are in the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a development process for your sales persons, our survey tool can serve as a tool for developing the sales persons and thereby perform a positive influence on the company’s results.