What is good leadership?

Over the years, many thoughts have been thought and many books have been written on the concept “Management”. Both as new and as experienced manager it can be a challenge to navigate in the management minefield of what is right and wrong behavior.

No matter in which theory we find our inspiration, we cannot dodge the fact that a considerable part of a manager’s task is to create results. We see to different aspects of leadership. One aspect has to do with our tools – our competences, our theoretical basis and experiences. The other aspect is the actual act of being a leader – i.e. to which degree we are able to make it happen.

We often see managers well equipped with all the tools and theories to deal with being and acting as a manager – planning, organizing and motivating the organization. Nonetheless, many surveys show that many managers perform poorly and do not have success.

But if we make the right strategies, follow the plans and organize the employees – why do we not succeed?

The answer is simple – good leadership is more than just management and requires above all the ability to inspire and motivate the employees to exceed own expectations. These abilities and the passion for involving people are decisive for success. So for a manager, it requires more than the right tools and theories. It requires a heart – passion – and understanding why some tools are good and how to use them with success.

A strong link between strategy and culture

We believe that for a strategy to be successful it requires a strong culture that supports the strategy. And here the manager’s role is decisive.

We have carried out surveys that show us that it is much easier to be a good manager in a strong culture. Therefore, companies achieve good management results when the culture supports the management. It is easier to deal with employees who want to be lead than to deal with employees who don’t want to. Leadership development should therefore be supplemented and supported by developing the culture, so that employees understand, believe in and desire to live by the mission, vision and values in the company.

3 themes of good leadership

In Intenz we always strive to intensify actions and performance. When working with leadership development we usually start with one or more of the following themes:

  • Manage yourself

  • Manage others

  • Manage teams


Manage yourself

Good management is not only about being or doing something for others. Knowing oneself and finding the meaning of life is decisive for the individual success of a manager. Good leadership is therefore the ability to manage oneself. Profound knowledge about oneself and one’s personal strengths and development areas gives a unique and fantastic possibility to find further potential in one’s leadership. Training and developing the potential is therefore a way to strengthen ones leadership.

The prerequisite, however, is to acknowledge the need for training and involvement of other people in the plans. Honesty towards oneself and the surroundings will help you as manager to be authentic. Trust and credibility is created through authentic behavior. To be authentic, credible and the best example of yourself, it is necessary to master self-management on a high level.

To lead others

One prerequisite of being a good manager is to like being a manager – it is a passion!
The managers who take on the responsibility and demonstrate inspiring leadership earn the trust of their employees and thereby achieve followers.

Being a manager today is more demanding than ever before. You have to know yourself, demonstrate flexibility and be change oriented. You must communicate with your employees, think creatively and find solutions. But most important you must be a role model, make decisions, show the way and maintain the overview.

It is therefore extremely important for your success as manager to feel balance and be confident about the managerial tasks, since this will influence your feelings and performance as manager towards your employees. We teach managers different models to support their leadership. We firmly believe that the most efficient and powerful tool is yourself – that you lead by example.

To lead teams

To achieve ambitious goals requires that the teams in the company work fantastic together. Management is often described as an activity that has to do with organizing and developing a group of people to work together in order to reach one or more goals.

Employees create better results, are more innovative and reach higher goals when they work together than as individuals. It is therefore the manager’s most importantly task to facilitate the development of the team, to create the right conditions for synergies and strong results.

A manager does more than just define the frames. He motivates the team through his own passion about and understanding of the company’s mission, vision and values and ensures that the team lives by the values. The managers must ensure that the team – on its own initiative and effort – develops a good set of norms and rules according to the values.

The manager must ensure the foundation of the team’s development with regard to time and economy, including informing and communicating to the team about the company’s strategic and managerial decisions that may influence the work flow in the team and the team’s development towards becoming a High Performance Team.