Perspective on survey

In Intenz we are convinced that measuring alone has no value – it is all about creating a starting point for development.

Why measure?

Most companies have a goal of obtaining results. Many companies let themselves be influenced by external factors, but the fact is that the external factors influence the competitors equally, and there is no immediate possibility of changing the external factors to the company’s benefit! On the contrary, the company has sublime opportunity of influencing and changing the internal factors. The internal factors are various, so in order to give an overview we have divided them into 3 primary areas – the 3 circles. All 3 are equally important and interdependent:
  • Strategy and defined must-win-battles
  • Organization, structure and processes
  • Culture – how we think, feel and act in the company

To achieve the company’s goals it is decisive that everybody in the organization act according to the strategy. Our structures and processes – the way we do things – must support the strategy and be understood, appreciated and accepted in the entire organization. 
So our culture – defined as the way we think, feel and act – is decisive for the results we make. The way we think and feel about our strategy, strategic goals, our structures and processes determines our actions – and thereby, it gives our results.
Our survey is a holistic measurement of this culture and thereby gives you an exact picture of your company’s ability to make results. For the managers the survey is an essential tool to plan and prioritize the activities necessary to reach future goals.
For us, the key purpose of measuring is to identify a starting point for development and at the same time measure the effects of the efforts done on a daily basis. The survey answers the question: Is the way we think, feel and act today strong enough to ensure future results? 

Involving managers and employees

Very often surveys end up on a dusty shelf – unused! This is a shame since a survey is an effective and simple manager’s tool. With easy-to-use tools and motivation for entering the process we will make sure that managers and employees have the right focus when working with the survey – both before, during and after the actual survey. When we carry out a survey, we put strong emphasis on the process surrounding the survey – and especially the process concerning the managers is decisive for how well the survey is implemented and create value.
Before the actual survey it is essential that the managers have a profound understanding of the purpose of the survey and how a survey can help them as managers. We make sure that all managers have this understanding. The managers will also understand the role they play and how they can contribute to committing the employees in the process. During the actual survey we keep the managers up to date on how it goes and how many employees in their department have participated in order to ensure a high response rate.

Working with the result and implementation

It is decisive for creating lasting and visible change that managers and employees are involved in the following work with the results of the survey. In Intenz, our primary passion is to develop people. This makes heavy demands not only on the survey but especially on the implementation. We give tools for development and motivation of top and middle management – tools that ensure understanding of, motivation for and skills to work with the results of the survey in the entire company and on department level. 
Any survey is therefore always followed by a close dialogue with managers and employees with the primary purpose of answering the following questions:
  • What is the degree of employee commitment to the company?
  • To which extent does the written culture (mission, vision, values) correspond with the actual culture as shown in the survey?
  • How do we ensure a culture that creates the best results possible?
  • Where should we focus our efforts to ensure the fastest and greatest effect?