Perspective on culture

It is decisive for reaching the goals that the employees think, feel and act accordingly – this is one of our primary competences in Intenz.

What is culture?

We define culture as the way we think, feel and act in the entire organization.

The culture has a huge effect on the results we create. If we succeed in creating a culture where the individual employee understanding of the strategy and he can see a clear connection between the strategy, the desired efforts and his own tasks, the strategy will make sense – and the right starting point is established.

Are the results as expected?

If yes, then everything is fantastic – and the possibility of raising the expectations is obvious. If the results are not as expected, there are often many excuses. Many managers and employees often point towards external factors as the primary reasons for lack of results. But one thing is certain – the competitors experience the same external factors. And there are few – if any – ways to change the external factors to the benefit of the company.
However, there is an outstanding possibility of influencing and changing the company’s internal factors. There are many internal factors, and we have structured them in 3 basic areas. All 3 of them are important and interdependent:

  • Strategy and the defined values must win battles
  • Organization, structures and processes
  • Culture – how we think, feel and act in the company