Personality types and psychology

A manager must ensure motivation, dedication and job satisfaction. This requires a profound understanding of the driving forces we have – and how to turn on the passion in each employee.

With knowledge of personality types and understanding of basic psychological factors we strengthen and challenge managers – and with new perspectives we give them the opportunity to become world class leaders.

All employees should be managed well. But in order to manage everybody well, all must be treated differently. People are different – different personalities, different strengths, different needs, different experiences and different goals and values. It can be a huge challenge for managers to vary their management style according to the differences. The first prerequisite for working successfully with different personalities is to understand the fundamental differences.

The effect of understanding personality types

In Intenz we work with personality profiles in a model with 8 factors that form a profile of the person. The model is called DISC. Through the DISC profile we create an understanding of the different factors of a personality profile – what motivates the different types, how do they react to change and what type of leadership different profiles will need. Our experience shows that the less we know about personality types, the more our management style springs from our own personality type. We tend to believe that others are motivated by the same things – relationsships, tasks, management style etc. – as we are ourselves. But that is rarely or never the case.

Knowing own strengths and personality will create a better manager.

By getting to know ones strong sides and how to exploit these best you can increase your performance considerably. On the other side, if you choose to focus on your weaknesses performance will decrease. The same goes for the employees. Therefore, it is decisive to know personality profiles and strengths and how you as a manager in the best way bring them into play.

Performance training & Coaching

With one-on-one performance training – or coaching – we work intensively with the individual manager to strengthen his leadership. With their everyday worklife and their personality profile as our starting point we give them new perspectives and tools so they will develop from being a good leader to a great leader. The goal is very clear. With performance training we will find the driving force in their leadership. In which situations do you feel good as manager? What limitations to your full potential do you experience? And what efforts and actions can you do to release this potential? With performance training we focus also on the small nuances that can give great effect.

We will not tell you what the goal should be, how to reach the goal or how to overcome a challenge. Through our well-proven business models and business oriented approach, we will help you find the answers yourself. We will not shy from challenging or provoking you in our dialogues, as long as it moves you and your company closer to success – we pose the questions that will give you success.

Why choose performance training and coaching?

With performance training & coaching, either as a supplement to an overall development process or as individual development of one’s manager, the possibility of success will increase. We will ensure a constant focus on the goal and the activities it requires to reach the goals and constantly ensure a positive approach to the challenges so the faith in success will remain.