Performance review

We develop the managers’ communicative skills and focus on the performance reviews and employee dialogues. To keep track of input, plans and forms we use our web based HR-platform iLOG.

Performance reviews

What does it take for a performance review to be a good investment? Our approach to performance reviews has 3 dimensions:

  • We design the dialogue schedules based on the company’s mission, vision & values, the strategic focus areas and goals and the individual employee’s contribution and goals
  • We train the managers’ basic skills needed to carry out the dialogues
  • We offer a webbased platform to handle and store the schedules and plans from the dialogues

The 3 most important demands for obtaining max from the dialogues for the employee, the manager and for the company are:

  1. The dialogue must concern what is important for the employee AND for the company: to ensure this successfully the dialogue should be based on the company’s challenges and at the same time uncover the employees’ personal goals and needs. Then the dialogue will touch on subjects relevant for the employee as well as for the manager.
  2. The manager must have the right skills – communication, praise and feedback, psychology: These skills are not something a manager is born with. The manager must learn and train skills like motivation, communication, question technique and psychology.
  3. There must be a good structure for the dialogues – content, preparation and follow-up: The interview must be a structured and thorough supplement to the daily dialogue, prepared by both parties and built on openness, trust and confidence. Apart from thorough preparation, the follow-up on the dialogue is very important for the benefit.


An IT-system is not decisive for carrying out effective performance reviews, but efficient use of the input from the reviews will increase the benefit, increase the desire to invest time and energy in the next review and will make the employee feel important and taken seriously.

iLOG is a web based IT-system to handle, store and fill out schedules used for the dialogues. With a personal login HR, managers and employees can access their data and forms from any workstation no matter time and place.

The work-flow is simple:

  1. Structure and content for the performance review is elaborated
  2. The forms are prepared in the system
  3. Data on departments, managers and employees are entered into the system
  4. Employees and managers are invited via e-mail to their preparation of the performance review

Contact our specialist – Camma Åstrøm-Andersen – to know more about our approach on employee reviews and about iLOG.