High Performance Team Survey

Are your managers a group of managers or a management team? Discover what characterizes a High Performance Team, where you are today and in what direction you should develop in order to create world class results.

One of the most important prerequisites for achieving all the ambitious goals in a company are that the teams work fantastically together – what we call a High Performance Team.
Think about how many different management teams there are – Top management, sales, production, logistics and administration. And below these management teams there is a bunch of teams. The classic question “Are vi a management team or just a group of managers?” is still very current, but focus should now be on developing from a management team to a High Performance Team.
Think for one moment: If you were to describe a team that cooperate especially well, that is unique because they are together – and that inspire and develop each other to magnificent results – what do they do?
The HPT-survey shows whether your management team is a High Performance Team by measuring the areas illustrated in the model:
  • Common core – mission, vision, values
  • High Performance goals and results
  • Authenticity
  • Team spirit – one for all, all for one
  • Competences
  • Relations