How do we define the desired culture?

If we can agree on defining the culture as the way we think, feel and act in the company, and that the quality and intensity of our actions are decisive for creating results – then supposedly we can also agree that it is of utmost importance to describe very accurately which culture we wish to have.

Creating world class results requires a strong correlation between the company’s mission, vision and values and the actual behavior in the day-to-day life.

Have you described the culture you wish to have in your company in exact terms? And furthermore, does it live to the extent where expectations to future results from owners, stakeholders and employees are satisfied – or even better – where expectations are exceeded?

Without an exact, inspiring and understandable description of the desired culture – our mission, vision and values – the expected effects on the results will not appear. And it is equally important that the desired culture is implemented for everybody in the company – e.g. the desired behavior described in our values applies for EVERYBODY without exceptions!

We will help you ensure the necessary driving force in your company culture by:

  • Improving the foundation created by mission, vision and values
  • Ensuring that everybody are passionate about mission, vision and values
  • Elaborating a plan for the implementation of mission, vision and values
  • Challenge the existing – is it good enough for the future?

In this way, what you say will also become what you do! Read more under “strategy,” where we address mission, vision and values further.