Culture survey

The culture survey – Culture Performance Driver – is Intenz’ tool to employee analysis. The survey shows the direct link between the culture in the company and the company’s ability to create financial results.

The culture survey is therefore an important driver in the process towards the desired culture. The survey is based on a holistic evaluation of the company’s total ability to perform – an evaluation of how strong the culture is on the areas in which the high performing companies in the world are strong. Intenz’ culture survey is therefore much more than a survey of the satisfaction or engagement in the company. It is a survey of whether we are able to make results.

The survey gives you exact knowledge about:

  • How good is the company’s ability to earn money?
  • What do we maintain?
  • What do we develop long-term?
  • What do we develop short-term?

The culture survey is more than this – it is also a strong tool to create motivation for development amongst managers and employees and an eminent tool for dialogue. What culture do we wish to have? And what does it look like today?
With the survey, you measure the temperature of the culture and define a starting point that creates a true sense of urgency for addressing the areas where it is needed.