Culture Survey / Employee Survey

Intenz Culture Survey is our tool for employee survey. Our tool shows an exact correlation between the culture in the company and the company’s ability to create financial results and growth.

The culture survey is based on a holistic evaluation of the performance level in the company with equal focus on the business as well as the people drivers. The survey will provide you with exact knowledge about:
How profitable is our company?
  • What must we hold on to?
  • Which areas must we develop short term?
  • Which areas must we develop long term?

Survey areas

The areas in the culture survey have been chosen and developed on the basis of analysis of very successful companies and what gives them long lasting success.
The analysis “Built to last” written by Collin & Porras maps the common traits of some of the most successful companies in the world. The companies perform as a group 15 times better than the stock market in general, and 6 times better than their strongest competitor.
In fact, they don’t do anything different from other companies. It is the extent to which they do it that is unique – the degree of intensity in their work with the culture. Through this culture survey, you will get an estimate of how well you do in comparison with the best.
At the same time, the survey provides you with an exact picture of the company and a foundation for initiating actions – the right actions in the right areas!
The survey contains 11 culture areas divided into 3 main areas:
  • The core
  • Business Drivers
  • People Drivers
The Core constitutes the company’s mission, vision and values
The Business Drivers include the categories; Finance, Market, Products, Business Systems
The People Drivers include the categories; Organization, Management, Team, Individual
To ensure that the survey result is easy to understand and communicate in the entire organization, we display the result in a simple and easy to understand visual model. Simple because all the survey categories and the total result is shown on one page – easy to understand because the survey comprises the whole company.