360° Management Survey

Our approach to management surveys is to analyze the managers’ skills in the areas that are decisive for making world class results.

Very few today question whether there is a connection between good management and the company’s results. So how come so many managers are recruited for their professional skills rather than their managerial skills? This means that we often lose a good specialist and gets a poor manager. But management is all about making results through others and that appears to be a great challenge for the majority!
In Intenz’ 360° management survey we analyze the management skills that contribute to creating results. The structure in the survey is that the managers is evaluated by his peers, his colleagues and his own employees on all the areas important for the management role – the managers ability to ensure that:
  • The employees know, understand and live by mission, vision and values
  • The employees are result and customer oriented, innovative, conscious of quality and efficient
  • The employees have goals for their personal and professional development
  • The employees work efficiently together and are thrive
Intenz’ 360° management survey is therefore a picture of the managers ability to make the employees think, feel and act in the right way – the right way in order to reach the company’s goals and results, that is!