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intenz is a Nordic consultancy within organizational development

Welcome to intenz' website. In order for you to get to know us and see Who we are, we wish to present you to the fundamental pillars intenz is building on and how we work.

Every part plays an important role in our approach to our customers, partners and each other.

Below you will find more information about our philosophy, mission, vision and values, and our employees. At the end of the page you will find our contact details.

Mission + Vision + Values

As client, supplier or employee you will experience a strong culture in intenz. We have a clear purpose with our company and an ambitious goal that we strive to achieve every day. This is formulated in our mission and vision. In combination with a strong set of values this defines our culture.


We make people and organizations grow – and create passion, performance and results.


intenz is top of mind when companies look for world class passion, performance and results.


intenz is a value-based company. Our values ensure that we are a successful and attractive company – for our clients, our partners and ourselves!

Our 5 values guide our behavior.  They must, at any time, permeate everything we do. It must be visible for everyone that we comply with our 5 values: 



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With our philosophy we wish to show you why we believe development is essential for any organization – even the strongest – and also show you how we work with organizational development in general, and with the individual organization in particular.

Why development?

What do the best companies do differently than other companies? Nothing! They do exactly the same as other companies – they just do it with more intensity. They live by the values more intensively, they aim at reaching their vision more intensively, they train intensively, develop and aim higher.

Our name derives from our wish to intensify efforts and performance. We motivate managers and employees in development processes to commit with a high degree of intensity.

How we work

We create sustainable organizational development – development where new knowledge leads to world class results. Our approach is straightforward – we make complicated concepts so simple that they can be implemented and used in daily work life and live in the hearts of every single manager and employee. Our learning style builds on joy and intensity - the joy of learning, developing and, last but not least, the joy of performance.

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A strong and dedicated team of employees are decisive for creating results and making a difference for our customers. We give a great deal of ourselves in the process – therefore we invite you to learn more about who we are – both in our business lives and in our personal lives.

Get to know us


We would love to hear from you. Contact us for a dialogue about your needs – or in order to hear more about our competences, our inspirational seminars, courses etc.


Jes Graugaard
Tel: +45 70 13 35 00
Email: jes@intenz.com
Elsebeth Wegeberg
Tel: +45 70 13 35 00
Email: ewc@intenz.com

+45 70 13 35 00


Email: intenz@intenz.com


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intenz Aarhus

Skaeringvej 88
8520 Lystrup
Tel: +45 70 13 35 00 
Email: intenz@intenz.com 


intenz Copenhagen

Diplomvej 381 
2800 Lyngby
Tel: +45 70 13 35 00 
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intenz Stockholm

Tegnérgatan 8 
113 58 Stockholm
Tel: +46 86 61 98 38 
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intenz Malmö

Skomakaregatan 12 
211 34 Malmö
Tel: +46 40 57 92 00 
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